Cruse Scanner Specifications:

Cruse ScannerModel: Cruse CS 220 ST (Scan head and color management upgraded in 2015)

Original holder: 48" x 72" magnetic platform with vacuum table

Focus system: Autofocus

Scanner: 24 or 48 bit color

Max. resolution: 14.4k x 26.64k pixels

DPI: 48" x 72" @300dpi ; 23" x 45" @ 600dpi

Max. file size: 1.1 GB, 3x8 bit

Lighting: High frequency cold-cathode, 4 x 55 Watts with texture lighting effect

Assessment of Light Exposure on the Cruse CS 220 ST

Lois Price , Senior Conservator, Winterthur

“Documents scanned on the Cruse take approximately 1½ minutes to pass under the scanning light. Light meter measurements indicate that the scanner which operates at an intensity of 28,000 lux (2,800 foot candles) and emits UV radiation at the level of 40 microwatts per lumen.

"The exposure experienced by a document during a single scan is therefore equivalent to 14 hours of exposure at 50 lux (5 foot candles) with tungsten or other low UV lighting.”