Fascinating Facts About RDIC

The RDIC has scanned:

Several copies of the Declaration of Independence

An original copy of the Bill of Rights

The Treaty of Paris

A copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, signed by Abraham Lincoln

The witness book of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Papers of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Morris and Benjamin Franklin

A Lunar Photograph

Surveys of ancient Egyptian tombs

Design drawing for the ENIAC computer

Date of oldest item scanned: Thomas Holme's plan for the City of Philadelphia, 1683

Longest Item scanned: The Deed of Settlement of the Philadelphia Contributionship measured 44 ft. long by 1 ft. wide. Scanned in 23 passes and digitally stitched.

Largest item scanned: A 99 sq. ft. mural on three 3x11 ft. boards.  Scanned in six passes and digitally stitched.  The resulting file   was 4 GB.

Total number of scans since 2004: Over 115,000